A better way to Build High-Performance Building Enclosures

For high thermal performance in rainscreen design

ISO Clip is a thermally broken cladding attachment system that separates the interior of the building from the exterior. Its unique design reduces thermal transfer through the building envelope and improves the overall building performance.

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Achieve Continuous Insulation

Achieve continuous insulation

­Improved building energy efficiency through a reduction in thermal bridging utilizing an optimized thermal pad design

High Wind Load Capacity High Dead Load Capacity

Engineered for high loads to optimize wall assembly

 High load capacity, less ISO Clips may be required compared to synthetic or aluminum clips which means less to install and less thermal bridging

Thermally broken cladding attachment ISO Clip Accommodates Exterior insulation depths of 2 inches 3 inches 4 inches 5 inches 6 inches 7 inches 8 inches

Accommodate multiple insulation depths

The three sizes of ISO Clip accommodate insulation depths anywhere from 2” to 8”.

Thermally broken cladding attachment ISO Clip installed with vertical sub-framing. Thermal clips installed with horizontal sub-framing.

Always installed in the same direction, regardless of sub-framing orientation

ISO Clip accommodates either vertical or horizontal sub-girts without changing its orientation.

Adjustable with tolerance of+ / - 1/2 inches to accommodate for constructed wall deviation no shims required

Build plumb cladding sub-framing, effortlessly

Adjustment up to + / – 1/2” wall deviation, no shims required. Built in “helping hand” for ease and speed of installation

Compatible with all applicable North American Building codes and testing standards

• ASHRAE 90.1, NECB, SB-10 compliant, with thermal analysis available.

• ISO Clip has successfully passed the NFPA 285 Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Fire Propagation Characteristics of Exterior Wall Assemblies Containing Minor Combustible Components and the CAN / ULC S134-13 Standard Test Method for Fire Test of Exterior Wall Assemblies.

• ISO Clips may assist towards achieving multiple LEED V4 credits.


ISO Clip Installation Features and Benefits

ISO Clip’s versatility means a complex facade design doesn’t slow installers down.

Determine the approximate Clip Spacing and Thermal Values for your wall assembly using our Clip Calculator.


U.S. Green Building Council, USGBC, LEED
Canada Green Building Council. LEED
Thermally broken cladding attachment ISO Clips can be used for Salmon-Safe Projects.

“ ISO Clip helps protect downstream water quality and is consistent for use in Salmon-Safe projects.”

— Dan Kent, Salmon-Safe